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Something has changed within me... Something is not the same...

24 June 1983
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Hey. My name's Erin and I've lived in Ellicott City, Maryland my entire life. My two passions are writing and music. I've wanted to be a writer ever since I was 7 and I've been a BIG music fan ever since I heard of Hanson. Yes, Hanson. They've been my favorite band ever since 6/19/97. For the past four years I have been an Instructional Assistant at the high school I graduated from, but in the fall I will be a full-time student at UMBC. I am majoring in English but don't know what I will do with my degree besides living in a nicely decorated cardboard box.

I love laughing, dancing in the rain, going to concerts, writing, reading, blowing bubbles, teddy bears, stickers, fuzzy socks, vanilla-scented candles, falling in love, receiving letters in the mail, flip flops, blue eyes, my friends, Rita's italian ice, taking naps, and the colors green, blue, and orange.

Hanson's new album, The Walk is hitting stores in the US on Tuesday July 24th. By clicking on the banner below, you can find out even more information, and possibly help me win a contest; the grand prize is that Hanson will write a song about the winner. So, click on teh banner and find out about a fantastic album and help me win a contest. It's a win-win situation. :)

Hanson wants to write a song just for me!

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You're emotionally honest, real, and easily hurt.

Totally expressive, others always know exactly how you feel.

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